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ActiveX COM Automation doesn't seem to work in 2013

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Post time: 2013-06-07 07:47:37
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In 2012 KS Spreadsheets app, I could open a spreadsheet with a vbscript file with the following contents.
Set myApp = CreateObject("et.Application")
myApp.visible = true
Set myBook = myApp.workbooks.Open("c:\users\h\desktop\line_chart.xls")
In 2013 KSO, the vbscript returns an object error on et.application - even though the et.exe*32 application is opened and in memory. I have tried this against the professional trial version, so assume it should work.

Use magic Report

 Author| Post time: 2013-06-14 05:19:47
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Post time: 2013-08-15 23:15:45
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Try with
Set myApp = CreateObject("KET.Application")
Post time: 2013-09-06 18:57:12
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I developed Kingsoft Office Automatioon from Visual FoxPro 9

I changed the line

oExcel = CreateObject("et.Application")


oExcel = CreateObject("Ket.Application")

And Ran well!!!

Somebody can help me I inserted a Picture in a SpreadSheet but i want to set the property Move and Size with Cells to this picture. In Excel automation i write this code line:

loXlsApp.Selection.Placement = 1

What is the code line to do this in Kingsoft Office?

The complete code is:

miobj = loXlsApp.ACTIVESHEET.PICTURES.INSERT("P:\Image.jpg")
loXlsApp.Selection.Width = 100
loXlsApp.Selection.Height = 100
loXlsApp.Selection.Placement = 1

The last code line show error:
Ole Error Code 0x80020006: Unknown Name

Post time: 2014-11-20 15:11:23
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In JavaScript and VBScript it is possible to instantiate ActiveX objects from within a web browser. When you see this error message it normally means the component that it was trying to create an instance of is no longer registered on your machine.
Post time: 2017-01-05 06:51:41
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