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text highlight

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Post time: 2013-09-03 14:04:57
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   hi im new to the program but hope it forfills my needs. so far things look promising.
the font settings .. color etc seem ok. i tried to use a existing document for testing and noticed the "highlight" color set to be a little dark for my needs.  

Q. is there a way to alter or create a lighter more pastel set of colors? i dont want to hide the text .. just give enough of a shade to stand out.     like this does >  stand out    and not this > stand out

    thanks russ ... sorry thanks russ


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Post time: 2013-09-09 04:39:51
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Edited by Ferrick at 2013-09-09 06:54


As you see, the palette doesn't allow many colors.  However you can create a new style to apply a custom highlight.  To do this make sure you're on the HOME tab.

1. Select SETTINGS.
3. In the box that appears on the tight select NEW STYLE.
4. In the dialog box choose CHARACTER from the drop down for STYLE TYPE.
5. Name the style e.g. Highlight.
6. At the bottom click FORMAT.
7. Select BORDER.
8. Select the SHADING tab.
9. Go to MORE COLORS and choose or create your color and click OK.
10. Click OK to close the dialog.
12. Click OK then YES.

Now when you type some text, you can select the text to be highlighted and then in the Style box on the ribbon on the HOME tab, select HIGHLIGHT and your text will be highlighted in the color you chose.

You can also assign a shortcut to the Style by right-clicking on the style in the ribbon and selecting modify style.  In the format box at the bottom, select Short Cut.


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 Author| Post time: 2013-10-01 13:58:30
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Ferrick replied at 2013-09-09 04:39

As you see, the palette doesn't allow many colors.  However you can create a new style to apply ...

hi. sorry for the long delay. ive not had an email to notify me and ive been quite busy. ive just had another look at the program because i dont want it to beat me.  

  i followed your instructions but got stumped on the last bit.  but .. what i have just found is that you can highlight the text and simply "fill" which created just the effect i was looking for.  strange as i see border - shading - font seem to have plenty of color options. i guess im just used to using the highlight tab in my old editor.  been doing it too long i guess.

   thanks again. i think things are falling into place now.  

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