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The Amazing Kingsoft Office

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Post time: 2013-10-08 19:01:13
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I am a wrtier and have tried every known open source and purchased office product at one time or another including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, mostly looking for a product that can do one special thing or another. I have been exasperated, frustrated and generally not happy with how the products will allow some things to be interchanged and not allow others. And if there were a way to accomplish a goal with a particular system the learning curve was another hill to climb. Evenutally I settled on Microsoft Word which had most of the features I require and was pretty happy with that product and have it installed on three of my computers. How I came across Kingsoft Office is because I had a forth computer built and ran out of licenses of Microsoft Word. I tried a trial 360 and was paying $12.00C a month but found that it dragged on my system but I did like the fonts so I was living with it until one day about a month ago I read a positive review of Kingsoft Office and checked it out.

I admit at first I was skeptical but I did download it and was very surprised at the speed of the download for one. Then it gave me options on how I wanted the look to be. So far so good. Now the test. Could I convert my Word documents ebooks to Kingsoft Word. To my stunning surprize I could not tell the difference and the learning curve to get everything formatted exactly as I like was a breeze. More importantly my publishers who highly recommend (expect really) Microsoft Word could not tell the difference either. In fact any and all formats that require Microsoft Word will accept Kingsoft Office.

The same goes for the power point presentation options which are easily convertable to video.

My review of Kingsoft Office is that it scores a ten out of ten. The product look is outstanding. The speed on loading very much faster than Microsoft Word and Word Perfect.

Congratulation. I don't know how you make money but you have hit a home run and have a customer for life.


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