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Author: Ringman

Is KSO really Free ?

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Post time: 2012-09-10 05:09:40
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If you download new copy will soon become not free also...
It could be now free for you use.....then 3 4 5 month later, again ask you key in
Serial number....."Your trial version has expired "
I use for school from early year and now it said expired.
So i download and install again.
Hopefully end of this year, kingsoft will not come out message say
"Your trial version has Expired "
Click below button
1.) Enter serial number
2.) Enter view mode.

Each time you start kingsoft, it will automatic checking at internet.
Everyday check check check ! check for update ? i don't think so
because update available, it cannot detect.

can Someone tell me why ?
Post time: 2012-09-12 23:04:07
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I also have just discovered that my free Kingsoft spreadsheeet has become a "trial" version (expired) and asks for a serial number.  I can view my work but cannot make any changes to it.  I did not download a "trial" version at any time, I downloaded the free version so I cannot understand why it has expired.  I have now downloaded the 2012 free Office Suite and will have to re do all my previous work.  Can someone explain why the free download appears to be time limited as I cannot find any reference to this anywhere.
Post time: 2012-09-14 05:22:53
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annalivia replied at 2012-09-12 23:04
I also have just discovered that my free Kingsoft spreadsheeet has become a "trial" version (expired ...

Just uninstall the expired kingsoft
download the latest kingsoft and install.
That's it ! you have new Free version of Kingsoft again.
But i don't gurantee it will be free forever....because this Software is from China
China is famous with Secret and silent behavior
Where free is not fully know what i mean.
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