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word templates for Writer

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Post time: 2012-11-26 01:38:10
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I have downloaded several of the word document templates and followed the instructions about where to place the files (path of C:\Program Files\Kingsoft\Kingsoft Office\templates\1033\WPS). I then created a new folder-My Templates and placed the downloaded templates in this folder. However, I have been unsuccessful in seeing a tabbed window from which to choose a template. So I can't see if the My Templates folder shows up. When I open Writer, it defaults to a blank document. The only choices I found was for a blank new document or a new document using the default template. Also, are these templates only available for A4 paper. I'm in the US and our default paper is letter paper. When I try to print the document choosing letter paper, the lower half-inch of the template does not print. I do have a choice to select my paper size and choose A4 paper, but I would have the same results as I don't have or use A4 paper.

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Post time: 2013-01-23 01:42:49
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Hi SewDiane - I'm not in US, so don't have the paper size issue .... but I do have the access issue to Templates and haven't found a way to make user downloaded templates to appear - either in the Task Pane, or when clicking the down-arrow on the New File icon.

My best work-around has been to create a new Library (MS Explorer/Libraries/Right Click/New) called "My Templates".  I can then get to my list via "Open/Libraries (in Left-hand side)/My Templates" - just 3 clicks, and the same folder can be used for all templates (Presentation, Spreadsheets, Writer).

Hope that helps.
Post time: 2013-01-23 07:44:32
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Hi SewDiane,
Try this version Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 (, ... 559.html?tag=lst--4
or try Writer Professional 2012 ( ... sional_2012_PN_.exe

These version support your use the download templates. Also the next version will also support add templates.
Post time: 2014-08-18 14:43:50
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Post time: 2014-08-19 05:43:45
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Edited by Baltodave at 2014-08-19 05:44

This took a lot of digging but it seems that since I ran the update, the location of the template files has changed.  It's now in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Kingsoft\Kingsoft Office\\office6\mui\en_US\templates\wps

Create a folder (I named mine "My Templates") there and copy your downloaded templates into your new folder.
Post time: 2014-09-14 01:02:53
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Edited by ritul at 2014-09-13 16:03
Rain replied at 2013-01-22 22:44
Hi SewDiane,
Try this version Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 (, ...

word t
Post time: 2014-11-15 14:23:44
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Post time: 2014-12-16 08:55:45
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Post time: 2015-07-09 10:30:34
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Rain replied at 2013-01-23 07:44
Hi SewDiane,
Try this version Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 (, ...

Hi Rain,

It's very awesome to use.Thanks for sharing
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