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Kingsoft - Improve your Marketing - You have a great product !

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Post time: 2014-08-16 12:53:23
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Im greatly impressed by the capabilities of this software.

I seriously feel that your marketing efforts need to be improved. This product could do to Office Suite, what AVG has done for Anti-virus. With microsoft choking customers with their Office 365 subscription, the time is ripe for action.

Following are my observations:
1. Webpresence on 3rd party reviewers is low. Im using Google search as the start point, I know CNET has given you pretty good reviews. I had to compare multiple articles ( more than 5 ), to actually bump into your software. I understand improving this may involve some significant expenditure.

2. Your own website does not do justice to your product.
For example, the comparision tool here:

Clearly any amateur marketer wouldve been able to create a more compelling narrative. If I were to base my decision (as a manager) purely based on the information provided in this table, MS Office is the clear winner, why do you even want to mention features which Office has but your software doesnt.

For example,

i)"Translation" by bing integrated into office is only an service without any warranty, neither is it secure nor is the translation reliable, it is definitely not an "integral" part of the MS office , I see no point in therefore advertising that "MS Office" has translation but "Kingsoft Pro" doesn't.

ii) As of Office 2010, "In Program Help" is practically useless, all queries for help are by default redirected to online forum. When I do use an offline article it is outdated or incorrect . I end up going to online forums for most of my help searches. The more advanced users are even less likely to find solutions in offline documentation.

iii)This would actually be a pretty long list. Im sorry I couldnt spare more time.

The truth is this Program is particularly the Free version, is a one of kind product in this space. Online alternatives just dont cut it, they are very unresponsive and data management is an issue.

Your closest competitor is Open Office, whose interface is years behind of yours.

I urge the managment to hire some capable individuals for its marketing efforts.
I hope my comments were constructive. I am neither a marketing professional nor do I have any vested interests of any form. Im just a happy user.


Use magic Report

Post time: 2014-10-15 22:50:09
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Post time: 2015-01-24 05:49:18
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Telkomselnet replied at 2014-10-15 22:50

I agree. It's pretty good. I dumped MS Office
Post time: 2015-02-16 03:08:25
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I totally agree.  KSO is very underrated.  I had tried Open Office and some other popular one before I found this gem.  And I only found it by some obscure post on a forum somewhere of a guy listing the word processors that he knew about... The KSO team should feel really confident about this product and market it as such - b/c it IS that good.  Oh and the old icon was better imo
Post time: 2015-02-25 06:05:40
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At least for smartphone users it's already marketed quite well as many of them use KSO. Cmiiw

I personally like using KSO since I uninstalled my Microsoft Office and switched to free software, even though there are still some minor issues and missing features compared to MO. Perhaps it's just a matter of getting used with this new office software.
Post time: 2015-08-29 20:42:40
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Yes, Kingsoft helps in providing the better option for the newbies which is the added advantage.
Post time: 2016-05-29 09:47:08
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Dumped MS office, these guys just need either people to crowdfund or donate to get the word out.
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