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Author: Toe

Writer: How to hide corner marks?

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Post time: 2014-06-15 22:32:48
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I too would like to see the corner marks done away with.
Post time: 2014-09-09 18:20:32
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i'm join on this request.
Possibility to hide the corner would be really appreciate!

Post time: 2014-09-13 01:22:22
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I support this request as well!

Many thanks in advance
Post time: 2014-09-13 03:44:30
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Edited by ritul at 2014-09-12 18:44

Post time: 2014-10-10 14:45:43
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wow,i  agree with you
Post time: 2014-12-06 07:10:55
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I would also like to hide them. I can't understand why it is taking so long. Your software is otherwise flawless to me, but this really hurts my eyes!

Please please pleas make it an option.
Post time: 2014-12-21 18:17:06
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Edited by lucygp at 2014-12-21 18:17

I also would like this option please!

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Post time: 2015-06-01 15:05:22
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I really like Kingsoft Office, such a great alternative to MS office,  the only issue I have is the corner marks in writer. I would really appreciate an option to hide them. Hopefully there is an option available to remove them soon.

Thank you!
Post time: 2016-01-14 16:00:35
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Loving Kingsoft Writer - but need the corner marks removed. They are aesthetically very distracting if you are laying out a poem. Please?
Post time: 2016-05-10 16:49:55
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Obviously you provide this software free so I can't actually complain about you not doing something, as I haven't paid for the software, but these corner markings are a deal breaker for me. I just discovered your software and was very happy about it until I read this thread and discovered there's no way to get rid of them like there is on Open Office or LibreOffice.

You say
We will take it seriously and hope it could be available in the future Kingsoft Office.

But that was FOUR YEARS AGO, so obviously you haven't taken this feature request seriously, and since his is currently the 2016 version, I don't think you will for at least another year.

That's a real shame, cos I think you are losing a lot of recommendations from people who would have supported you, had you listened and fixed this issue.
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