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Author: Toe

Writer: How to hide corner marks?

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Post time: 2016-10-21 06:20:28
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Oh Wow!! For two days I was looking how hide this marks, but many people have been looking the same for several years ago.

It's sad. Our opinion has not been taken heard.
Post time: 2016-10-21 21:12:20
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Rain 2013-09-02 04:56
It is support moving to corner marks.
Edit it from page Layout > Margins. Setting all Margins to zer ...

That's not a good solution for those who like working on a tidy document.
Post time: 2017-01-05 04:47:40
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Post time: 2018-11-05 01:39:40
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It's 2018, nearly 2019. Has this really not been solved yet? I am making the transition to WPS Office and one of the very few grievances I have so far is the fact that I cannot toggle the appearance of the Crop Marks. The solutions on hand for 'hiding' them (which really just move them off the page) are not acceptable.

Please fix this. It's about time.
Post time: 2019-04-01 05:02:50
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So idk when this was added, but I figured I'd post it here in case someone missed it like I did.
They can be removed by going to Writer (in the top left corner) > Options > View > Show, then untick the "Show crop marks" option.
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