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Types of Prototypes 2017-06-09
Handwork and Numerical Control Prototype According to the means of manufacturing, prototypes are divided into the below two categories:   ...
(50) Views|(0) Comments
Silicone Mold in Rapid Prototyping 2017-06-02
When we are doing a small batches of  rapid prototypes , around 20-30, we generally use  silicone rubber mold  and reactive poly ...
(51) Views|(0) Comments
ABS-The Most Commonly Used Material in Rapid Prototyping 2017-05-25
ABS is the most commonly used material in rapid prototyping, which occupies around 80% of the world’s rapid prototyping manufacturing. So, what is A ...
(58) Views|(0) Comments
Factors that cause the deformation of the vacuum casting prototypes 2017-05-25
Vacuum casting  is to use  SLA laser rapid prototyping  or  CNC machining  as the prototype, and then use silica ...
(55) Views|(0) Comments
Gas Assisted Injection Molding: the Basic Principles and Basic Processes 2017-04-20
With the quick improvement of the car business, infusion forming has formed into a standout amongst the most critical innovations for the creation of ...
(71) Views|(0) Comments
Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE in Sharing Bikes 2017-04-13
Customary bikes for the most part utilize inflatable tires which bring simple and quick ride involvement. In any case, with a specific end goal to ke ...
(83) Views|(1) Comments

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